Amazing wooden iPad case, stylishly designed to make them look like the high-end notebook.

 This wooden iPad case was created especially for iPad users to meet their expectations and protect their gadgets.

snacase case for iPad3

In the frame of case

Do you frequently use your iPad in public places, whilst meeting friends or traveling? If that’s the case, you need our discreet iPad case! Snacase perfectly covers iPads! It enables you to use it, just as if it was a laptop, whilst also allowing it to be carried around as a notebook.

luxury infetior of iPad case snacase

  • Wooden iPad case inspired by Oxford library’s contemporary design.
  • Magnificent design, exclusive materials and best craftsmanship.
  • Cut-out details ensure the iPad has full functionality and features.

A case crafted from Velour, bonded leather veneer and finest Bamboo material.

The iPad case features safe rubber band, enabling closure, and metal eyelet for the camera hole.

I bought this iPad case and i would like to recommend it to every one interested in good case for iPad. It is very convenient and elegant. I will say Bravo !
I’m using the non leather case as I type and I’m liking it. Meeting with our design team to choose another color for us.
Mike, Office for National Statistics
Let me say something. You have an amazing design and awesome quality.

We take pride in carrying the British flag when making each case.

Linking the style to our history books in the Oxford Library. Enjoy holding a book in your hands. Knowing it’s not really there.

iPad case London style fashion photograpfy

The Best Gift…

Take inspiration from your bookcase! Surprise your friend and family with the best present – add a personalised touch, with the engraved monogram service.

  • Personal – endowed will have it all the time.
  • Usefull – provides protection and is an elegant stylish addition.
  • Genuine – along with the unique idea of personalising your gadget.
  • Sophisticated – made with the highest accuracy and has the best materials.
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Snacase is the ultimate gift!

Give your loved one a unique gift - something from you, each and every day.
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