Personalized iPad Case & Personalized Kindle Case

A unique personalized iPad case, that highlights your individuality. To give a nice touch to your organization, make it more personal and distinctive. It is perfect as a form of gift. We are happy to engrave any drawings and texts in the external cover area. If you want to engrave a specific pattern, a symbol, text, logo or a phrase, send a question to our emial address, providing a description of the project and your ideas. We will get back to you, regarding the price and the due date.

Why personalized tablet case?

In this case you are giving something, that could be every time with the user.
Would be fit for all day occasion. No matter time, place and situation.
Exceptional versatile, because could be use as a stand for screen, stand for write, cover to hide screen and many others. Moreover can carry any logotype.

snacase case for companies engraving

Corporative Branding

Empower your employees cases with a logo and the name of your company, or give your work partners a memorable case with a special descripton.

snacase corporate gift iPad case


You can personalise your case by engraving your signature, right there on the cover. A signature, your favorite drawing or even a photograph – it’s all up to you!

corporate iPad case logo embossing

Special Occasions & Gifts

Give the other half a unique gift with an engraved dedication or wishes. This way, you’ll always be right by their side!


About the Customised Case

Any enquires? Place them in an e-mail, and forward to us. We'll be delighted to help. We will respond as soon as possible.