The Iconic and Personalised Kindle Case

Kindle cases with a unique character, expressed through a distinctive style. Handmade by us, ready to use by you. Could be personalised.

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Protection. Style. Quality.

Different from the rest. This case offers an above-average protection, exceptional quality and a beautiful, stylish design. Perfectly fits the Kindle 4 and Kindle 5. A wooden binding, carefully made using the finest bamboo. Cover binding assembled from black and red linen.

  • Fits the Kindle 4 and Kindle 5
  • Solid protection frame
  • Awesome book style design
  • Finest bamboo wood, and linings.
  • Could be personalised.

Lightweight & Durable Kindle Case

The lightweight, yet durable design owes its properties to carefully selected wood. Expected to create a light and extremely stable construction. The profile cases have been constructed in a way to protect your gadget, whilst maintaining an excellent, visual condition. The design of this case was inspired by a classic notebook, that you can find on the shelfs of your home. This way, you can secretly pretend your Kindle is still just a book – only a little more advanced!

The Kindle cases here at Snacase, are entirely handmade, created by artists – craftsmen, using traditional techniques and simple tools. As a result, offering the unique features, quality control and professional handling at every stage of the production.

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The Unique & Excellent Kindle Case

Each with its own character. Made with love, just for you.

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Snacase is the ultimate gift!

Give to somebody one a unique gift - something from you, personalize it by monograming service, each and every day!
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