Kindle Case


Different from the rest. This case offers an above-average protection, exceptional quality and a beautiful, stylish design. Perfectly fits the Kindle 4 and Kindle 5. A wooden binding, carefully made using the finest bamboo. Cover binding assembled from black and red linen.



The lightweight, yet durable design owes its properties to carefully selected wood. Expected to create a light and extremely stable construction. The profile cases have been constructed in a way to protect your gadget, whilst maintaining an excellent, visual condition. The design of this case was inspired by a classic notebook, that you can find on the shelfs of your home. This way, you can secretly pretend your Kindle is still just a book – only a little more advanced!

The Kindle cases here at Snacase, are entirely handmade, created by artists – craftsmen, using traditional techniques and simple tools. As a result, offering the unique features, quality control and professional handling at every stage of the production.

We use the best materials to produce our cases. We choose the traditional and environmentally friendly solutions. We understand our responsibilities and provide Kindle users with product, made out of natural and safe materials.

Chceck out our excellent prices and quality. We accept payment via credit card or Paypal. Free UK delivery. We make sure that our delivery time is as short as possible, the product is usually dispatched in less than 24 hours. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.